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Government to consider the permissibility of Preem’s planned operations in Lysekil


Following notification from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Government has decided to consider whether the operations that Preem AB wants to expand at Preemraff Lysekil should be permitted. This is in light of the major climate-related emissions that can be expected as a result of the planned operations.

The Riksdag has adopted a climate framework that includes new climate goals and a Climate Act. The long-term goal is for Sweden to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045, and negative emissions thereafter.

“The climate is a priority issue for the Government, which means that we must maintain a stable climate policy. Ultimately, this is about ensuring that the Government has various options with which to achieve the climate goals adopted by the Riksdag. We must now use all means available to us as we strive towards those ambitious goals. This is our responsibility towards ourselves and our children,” says Minister for Environment and Climate Isabella Lövin.

During the summer, the Government received notification from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland that the operations for which Preem AB is seeking an environmental permit are such that the Government may consider whether they should be permitted. Under the Environmental Code, the Government may consider the permissibility of such operations if they can be expected to be substantial or intrusive in relation to the possibility of pursuing sustainable development, which includes a limited climate impact.

“During the summer, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, with the support of the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, notified the Government of an application for expanded operations. The Government therefore wishes to consider whether or not these operations can be permitted,” says Ms Lövin.

In November 2018, the Land and Environment Court granted Preemraff a new permit. This permit was appealed against to the Land and Environment Court of Appeal, which decided to suspend the permit in December 2018. This means that no further measures to enforce the judgment of the Land and Environment Court may be taken until another decision is taken.

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