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Minister for Foreign Trade Ann Linde to discuss feminist trade policy at Fashion Week Trade


On 15 August at Fashion Week Trade, Minister for Foreign Trade Ann Linde will be taking part in a round-table discussion on feminist trade policy and its relevance for the fashion industry. With more than 700 footwear, clothing, underwear, accessories and childrenswear collections, Fashion Week Trade is Sweden’s largest fashion event, including for fashion buyers.

At the event, Ms Linde will meet with representatives of the fashion industry, the media, government agencies, organisations and academia. She will be speaking about internationalisation, exports and Sweden’s new feminist trade policy.

“It should not be more expensive for women to buy clothes due to unfair tariffs. It should be just as easy to export in areas where women’s entrepreneurship is common, as it is for men to export. New trade agreements will contribute to creating decent work for women too. But the fact is that today, trade policy benefits men more than women,” says Ms Linde.

The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing export industries in Sweden and, by international standards, the global interest in Swedish fashion is growing. According to Swedish fashion industry statistics, exports increased by a total of 5.8 per cent in 2018, and small and medium-sized enterprises increased their exports by as much as 20 per cent. Since statistics were first compiled seven years ago, the fashion industry as a whole has grown by just over 60 per cent and exports have risen by almost 90 per cent.

An ongoing study by the National Board of Trade highlights significant differences in US tariffs on certain womenswear and menswear items; for example, the tariff on silk shirts for women is six times the tariff on silk shirts for men. Furthermore, the effective tariff on sportswear designed for women is 21 per cent; for sportswear designed for men, it is 7 per cent. For underwear, the figures are 13 per cent and 7 per cent respectively.

“Generally speaking, as consumers, exporters and employees, men benefit more than women. It goes without saying that as a feminist, I will always work to promote economic development that benefits both women and men. That’s why I am stepping up our feminist trade policy efforts,” says Ms Linde.

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