Presentation of the new updated Trade and Investment Strategy for more jobs throughout the country


More people than ever before are now employed in exporting companies in Sweden. Exports drive the Swedish economy and keep around 1.5 million people in employment. To continue to strengthen Swedish exports, on Friday 13 December the Government launched an updated Trade and Investment Strategy to create jobs and growth throughout the country.

Since the previous export strategy was presented, the international context has changed.  Threats to free trade have amplified, along with the competition for major procurements and investments.

At the same time, the previously weak export development in Sweden has turned around. In the last two years, exports from all Swedish counties have increased, and more people than ever work for exporting companies.

The 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement have in turn created new opportunities for Swedish companies to contribute to climate transition. To address these challenges and opportunities, the Export Strategy has been updated with an enhanced focus on sustainability and regional growth.

“I am proud to be able to present a strategy that so clearly involves the regions in ensuring that the whole of Sweden exports more. When we trade with the rest of the world, jobs and growth are created that strengthen welfare throughout the country,” says Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs Anna Hallberg.

“Sweden will be the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation, and we will export solutions that lead the world to freedom from fossil fuels. We have world-leading companies in climate-smart solutions, and this will strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness as all countries are now required to adapt their economies,” says Minister for Environment and Climate Isabella Lövin.

“The Export Strategy has served Sweden well. By updating and adapting the strategy to a changing world, we are ensuring that it will continue to contribute to more jobs throughout the country,” says Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation Ibrahim Baylan.

The five strategic goals of the new strategy:

  1. Increase Sweden’s exports, both in absolute figures and as a proportion of GDP
  2. Ensure that more small and medium-sized enterprises export
  3. Ensure that Sweden is a driving force for free, sustainable and equitable international trade
  4. Use Sweden’s innovation leadership to enhance the export capabilities and international competitiveness of Swedish business
  5. Increase Sweden’s attractiveness to foreign investors, skills, talent and visitors

Sweden’s new Trade and Investment Strategy will help ensure that we meet the 2030 Agenda’s global goals for sustainable development and live up to the Paris Agreement. The decision is part of the January Agreement, which is based on an agreement between the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Centre Party and the Liberals.

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