Ann Linde and Åsa Lindhagen to participate in Global Pride


The virtual Global Pride festival kicks off on 27 June. Artists, politicians and activists from around the world will take part in the 26-hour livestream event.

- States and governments all have the same responsibility to respect and safeguard our human rights. And yet people around the world continue to be subjected to violence and discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, says Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde.

Ms Linde and Minister for Gender Equality Åsa Lindhagen have both contributed to the Global Pride programme via pre-recorded video greetings.

- This is a day to celebrate diversity and the right of every person to be proud of who they are, define their own identity and love whoever they like. Sweden remains a strong voice for human rights regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, says Ms Linde.

In her video greeting, Ms Lindhagen says:

- As authoritarian forces try to suppress human rights that have already been won, we must instead strengthen respect for human rights even further. Far too many LGBTI people are forced to hide who they are. As a bisexual person, I myself know how it feels, and my own country, Sweden, still has a great deal left to do. We will not rest until every LGBTI person in the world can live their life in freedom, says Ms Lindhagen.

LGBTI associations in more than 90 countries have contributed films to the virtual festival. These will be shown over a 26-hour period, interspersed with a number of major stage shows. Former US Vice President Joe Biden and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau are among those taking part. As well as politicians, there will be appearances by musicians, drag queens and activists.

Ms Linde’s and Ms Lindhagen’s greetings will be available on following the event. 

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