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Government appoints Inquiry Chair to develop national strategy to prevent and combat violence against children


The Government has appointed an Inquiry Chair who will propose a national strategy to prevent and combat violence against children, including honour-based violence and oppression. The strategy should take an integrated and coherent approach to preventing and combating violence against children over the next ten years. The decision is based on an agreement between the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

Sweden is, and aim to continue to be a pioneer in preventing and combating violence against children. Although much has been done to ensure the right of the child to be protected against all forms of violence and abuse, many children continue to be exposed to violence and the number of unreported cases is probably high. The Government sees a need to take a coherent approach to prevent and combat violence against children.

“It’s unacceptable that children are forced to grow up in violent and abusive environments. We need a coherent, long-term and strategic approach to safeguard children’s rights and address the issues that don’t work in practice. That’s why this inquiry is so important,” says Minister for Gender Equality Märta Stenevi.

The Inquiry Chair will propose long-term goals to prevent and combat violence against children, and identify shortcomings and possible measures.

Taking these goals into account, the Inquiry Chair will propose measures in the following areas:

  • collaboration between government agencies, municipalities, organisations and other relevant actors
  • prevention of violence against children and detection of violence against children
  • protection, support and treatment for children exposed to violence
  • criminal proceedings involving children exposed to violence
  • knowledge, methodological development and monitorability

The assignment is to be conducted in dialogue with relevant government agencies and other relevant actors. When developing the strategy, the Inquiry Chair will listen to children and young people and take their views and opinions into account.

“The Liberal Party has long pushed for a national strategy to prevent violence against children and I am pleased that we are now taking further steps to make this a reality. It’s important that the strategy take an integrated approach to preventing and combating violence against children, including honour-based violence and oppression,” says Liberal Party member Juno Blom.

Fredrik Malmberg has been appointed Inquiry Chair. Malmberg has extensive experience in child rights and was the Ombudsman for Children between 2008 and 2017. In June 2017, he was appointed Director-General of the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools.

“In view of both my current assignment related to rights for people with disabilities and my earlier role as the Ombudsman for Children, I am delighted at the confidence the Government has placed in me by appointing me Inquiry Chair to lead the work on a national strategy to prevent and combat violence against children. I’m convinced that a long-term national strategy will ensure that combating violence against children has higher priority and a greater impact. In developing the strategy, it will be important to give visibility to the violence that children are subjected to specifically because they are children, regardless of what form that violence takes,” says Malmberg.

The Inquiry Chair will present the final report by 31 May 2022.

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