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Press release from Ministry of Infrastructure

Sweden supports international declarations for transport sector’s climate transition


The second week of UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow is currently in progress. Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth is in attendance together with transport ministers from around the world and other international actors. Sweden is taking part in a number of global initiatives to pick up the pace in the transition to emissions-free transport.

“We must cooperate globally to achieve the climate goals. Sweden is taking part in a number of initiatives because all countries and actors must do their part to accelerate the transport sector’s climate transition. We must now move from words to action and quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sweden is showing that the climate transition both creates jobs and strengthens competitiveness,” says Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth. 

The COP26 declaration on zero-emission cars and vans is a global agreement on accelerating the transition to 100 per cent zero-emission new vehicle sales. Signatories of the agreement include governments, states, regions, cities, vehicle manufacturers, businesses, investors and civil society.

Another declaration, the Clydebank Declaration, commits signatory states to promoting the maritime sector’s climate transition by identifying and establishing green shipping corridors. A green corridor is a maritime route between two ports that is at least partly transited by zero-emission vessels.

Under the International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition, a number of states will cooperate in the development of sustainable aviation fuels and work to reduce aviation emissions in line with the 1.5-degree goal.

Mr Eneroth also took part in the Zero Emission Vehicles Transition Council (ZEVTC), which adopted an action plan for cooperation in the coming years.

“It is important that Sweden is involved in these discussions. The countries in the ZEVTC represent a major share of the new vehicle market. This includes countries like Sweden that are at the vanguard of efforts to achieve the climate transition in the transport sector,” says Tomas Eneroth.

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