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More than SEK 1 billion in support to culture and the creation of a new consultation forum

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Cultural activities and actors throughout the country have been severely affected by the pandemic. The Government is now setting up a new consultation forum for the cultural sector and is investing more than SEK 1 billion in culture through the distribution of previously announced support and proposals in the additional amending budget.

“We have a good sense of what kind of support is effective. The close dialogue the Government has had so far with the relevant actors will continue, including through a new consultation forum for crisis and restart,” says Minister of Culture Jeanette Gustafsdotter.

It will be called the Crisis and Restart Consultation Forum. The Government will send invitations to its first meeting in early 2022.

In view of the expanded infection control measures now being introduced, the Government is proposing to provide crisis support of SEK 120 million in the additional amending budget to mitigate the economic impact on culture throughout the country. The Government will provide information about how the funds will be distributed at a later date.

“Sweden’s cultural life will emerge stronger from the crisis. The diversity of cultural life as a whole has been severely affected. As the pandemic continues and more infection control measures are introduced, the possibility of restarting is reduced. The Government is continuing to stimulate and strengthen sustainability in the cultural sector – we are contributing to production, creating jobs and securing skills,” says Ms Gustafsdotter.

The Government has today decided on the appropriation directions and the distribution of the SEK 940 million that the Riksdag passed in the 2022 budget. The funds will be used to stimulate and strengthen culture in the long term. The Swedish Arts Council will distribute most of the support to independent cultural life.

The Government previously announced an extra SEK 100 million per year to incentivise film production and permanent increases of SEK 100 million for regional culture.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Government has taken far-reaching measures to support cultural life. In 2020, the cultural sector received various crisis support packages, totalling more than SEK 2.5 billion. In 2021, SEK 3.9 billion in crisis support was distributed.

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