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Distribution of SEK 1 billion in crisis funds to culture

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On 7 February, the Government decided on the distribution of the SEK 1 billion in crisis support allocated to culture, as previously announced in the additional amending budget. The crisis support concerns independent cultural life, individual cultural creators, film, regional culture, certain publicly supported cultural institutions and public venues.

“The diversity of cultural life as a whole has been severely affected by the pandemic and the consequences are likely to persist for a long time to come. It is important that the support is delivered as quickly as possible, and we know that intensive work has already begun at our grant-distributing agencies and institutions,” says Minister for Culture, Jeanette Gustafsdotter.

SEK 650 million will go to support general cultural activities, distributed via the Swedish Arts Council. The funds will be distributed with the aim of alleviating the acute economic crisis and ensuring a broad range of cultural expression throughout the country.

SEK 200 million will go to individual artists and cultural creators. Of this, SEK 170 million will be distributed by the Swedish Arts Council to artists in the fields of art and design, music, film, theatre and dance. SEK 30 million will be distributed by the Swedish Authors’ Fund to authors, translators, cultural journalists and other artists involved with the written word.

SEK 40 million will be set aside for regional cultural activities and the cultural cooperation model. SEK 20 million will be distributed by the Swedish Film Institute to support film. SEK 60 million will go to public venues. SEK 30 million will go to certain publicly supported cultural institutions, to museums and the performing arts.

The Government is following developments in the culture sector closely and is maintaining continued close dialogue with the relevant actors.

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