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Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström

I welcome the Security Council's adoption today of the resolution put forward by Sweden and Kuwait for a cessation of hostilities in Syria. This will be beneficial for Syria's civilian population, who must be given a respite from the horrors of this war. Hospital and schools must not be the target of bombs.

The purpose of the cessation of hostilities, which will last for at least 30 days, is to enable humanitarian aid to reach the civilian population in the country and to facilitate medical evacuation. A temporary cessation of hostilities improves the chances of humanitarian and medical assistance reaching those in need.

The resolution also requires all parties to respect international law, including humanitarian law and human rights.

I also welcome the fact the Security Council succeeded in reaching agreement today – this is a gain for the legitimacy and credibility of the Council. Sweden will continue to work to ensure that the Council takes its responsibility.