This content was published in the period between 21 January 2019 and 8 July 2021

Statement from Ann Linde

Joint statement by the Foreign Ministers of Sweden and Denmark


We are deeply concerned by the contents of the documentary called The Mole, which concerns a number of activities related to the DPRK.

In response to these concerns, we have decided to task our missions to the UN with bringing the documentary to the attention of the UN Sanctions Committee. We will also raise the issue in the EU.

We take the content of the documentary very seriously as it raises a number of deeply problematic questions and concerns.

The sanctions adopted by the UN Security Council against the DPRK in response to the DPRK’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs and activities must be respected and upheld.

We want to be very clear - it is the duty of the DPRK and all other states to implement and adhere to the sanctions levelled against the DPRK.

The recurring reports, including from the Panel of Experts of the UN Sanctions Committee on the DPRK, of extensive violations of sanctions on the DPRK is a matter of serious concern.

We are analysing the information in the documentary and what possible further steps it may entail. We will not prejudge further steps that the competent national authorities may wish to take on this issue.


Mikael Lindström
Press Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00