Responsible agencies and the Government Agency Network for the EUSBSR

The agencies listed below have been mandated to contribute to the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The agencies are also included in a special Government Agency Network for coordinated implementation of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy in Sweden. The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth is responsible for leading the work of the network.

Within the framework of their own areas of activity, the agencies will be responsible for:

  • assisting the Government Offices with proposals,
  • knowledge and experience as a basis for formulating Swedish positions on Baltic Sea issues,
  • helping to develop effective arrangements for cooperation in the Baltic Sea region between public agencies, regional and local actors, organisations and the business community,
  • agencies responsible for flagship projects in the Baltic Sea Strategy will receive a clearer mandate to appoint project leaders and to lead, implement and develop their flagship projects,
  • submitting annual progress reports to the Government Offices.

Responsible agencies - listed by the ministry they report to

Ministry of Culture:

- Museum of Natural History

- Swedish National Heritage Board

- National Maritime Museums


Ministry of Defence:

- Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

- Swedish Coast Guard


Ministry of Education and Research:

- International Programme Office for Education and Training

- Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs

- Swedish Research Council


Ministry of Employment:

- Council for the European Social Fund in Sweden


Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications:

- Svenska Kraftnät (Swedish national grid)

- LFV Group - Swedish Air Navigation Services

- Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS)

- Swedish Patent and Registration Office - Swedish Maritime Administration

- Swedish Energy Agency

- Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth - Transport Analysis

- Swedish Transport Administration

- Swedish Transport Agency

- Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems


Ministry of the Environment:

- Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

- National Chemicals Inspectorate

- Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

- Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute


Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

- National Board of Trade

- Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment

- Swedish Institute


Ministry of Health and Social Affairs:

- Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

- Medical Products Agency

- Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control

- All 21 County administrative boards


Ministry of Justice:

- National Police Board


Ministry for Rural Affairs:

- Swedish Forest Agency

- Swedish Board of Agriculture

- National Food Agency

- Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Reasons for the Government's decision to establish the network of agencies

The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region emphasises that to achieve the objectives, it is important for the Baltic Sea countries to work in an integrated and coordinated manner at all levels. The Government has an active role in the process and is working to ensure that the contents of the strategy contribute to deepened cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.

The Government considers that the state must show its commitment and that cross-sectoral cooperation between public agencies needs to be strengthened. A clear mandate to the agencies concerned is expected to strengthen their work on implementing the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and enhance their ability to operate in a cross-border and macro-regional context. The Government wants to emphasise the importance of the agencies taking their cooperative commitments into account when planning their activities.