Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for Sweden’s military defence and its support agencies. Its strategic planning includes international operations and security-building activities, which the agencies are instructed to implement and follow up.

Responsible minister

Försvarsminister Peter Hultqvist
Peter Hultqvist Minister for Defence

News from Ministry of Defence

  • The Nordic countries agree on deepened military cooperation

    The Nordic Ministers of Defence signing a Memorandum of Understanding.
    The Nordic Ministers of Defence signing the Memorandum of Understanding. Photo: The Danish Ministry of Defence

    On Wednesday 9 November 2016, the Nordic Ministers of Defence made a Joint Statement, after having signed a Memorandum of Understanding on enhanced and easier access to each others’ territories in peacetime. The agreement will improve the operational effect and quality of air, land and maritime operations. Also the Northern Group consisting of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom and Sweden, have met today and came together informally for discussions on defence and security issues.

  • The 2015 commission inquiry on The manning system of the Military Workforces presents the Official Report

    A robust manning system of the military defence The manning system of the armed forces is ultimately intended to man all units with an adequate amount of soldiers and personnel that are trained under conditions that make it possible to meet the demands of the Swedish defence and security policy.

The 2017 Budget in five minutes

On 20 September 2016, the Government presented its proposed budget for 2017 to the Riksdag. The Government’s entire proposal is available in the Budget Bill, which includes the Government’s Budget Statement, the Government’s assessment of the outlook for the Swedish economy and public finances, and the frameworks this provides for fiscal policy. The budget also contains the Government’s proposals on how government expenditure is to be allocated and an estimate of expected central government revenue in the coming year. The Bill is based on an agreement between the government parties and the Left Party.

Defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden

In the autumn of 2013, Sweden and Finland announced their intent to deepen their defence cooperation.

The Swedish Defence Bill 2016-2020

Thursday, April 23, the Government proposed a Defence Bill 2016-2020 for the Parliament. The defence bill is based on a broad political agreement between five parties; the Social Democratic Party, Moderate Party, Green Party, Centre Party and Christian Democrats.

Speech by Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist at UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial 2016

Improving Peacekeeping – Pre and Post-Deployment London, 8th September 2016 Check against delivery

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