Prime Minister's Office

The Prime Minister's Office leads and coordinates the work of the Government Offices. It is also responsible for coordinating Swedish EU policy and emergency management at the Government Offices.

Responsible ministers

Stefan Löfven Prime Minister
Ibrahim Baylan
Ibrahim Baylan Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy

News from Prime Minister's Office

  • “Sweden’s security must be seen in a broader perspective”

    Photo of Stefan Löfven
    On 8 January, Prime Minister presented a national security strategy at the Folk och Försvar Annual National Conference in Sälen. Photo: Jonatan Holst/Government Offices of Sweden

    On 8 January, Prime Minister presented a national security strategy at the Folk och Försvar Annual National Conference in Sälen. For the first time, a Swedish Government is presenting a comprehensive account of security in a broad sense. The security strategy proceeds from our security objectives, determines the direction and sets the framework for the work needed to safeguard our security and to place the common resources where they do the most good.

National Innovation Council
From the left standing: Ola Asplund, Jane Walerud, Carola Öberg, Darja Isaksson, Magdalena Andersson, Charles Edquist, Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Johan Rockström, Isabella Lövin, Hans Vestberg and Mikael Damberg. From the left sitting: Mengmeng Du, Wille Birksten, Stefan Löfven, Pam Fredman and Karl-Henrik Sundström. Photo: Ninni Andersson/Government Offices

The National Innovation Council

The National Innovation Council is tasked with advancing Sweden as a country of innovation and strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness. The Council has an advisory role and provides new perspectives on issues of importance across the innovation policy sphere, in the short and long terms. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is chair of the National Innovation Council, which consists of five ministers and ten advisory members from the business and research sectors.

Agreement Swedish energy policy
Caption: Lise Nordin (Swedish Green Party), Minister Ibrahim Baylan (Swedish Social Democratic Party), Lars Hjälmered (Moderate Party), Rickard Nordin (Centre Party) and Penilla Gunther (Christian Democrats) took part in the press conference. Photo: Jens Persson/Government Offices

Agreement on Swedish energy policy

The Government, the Moderate Party, the Centre Party and the Christian Democrats have concluded an agreement on Sweden’s long-term energy policy. The agreement consists of a common road map for a controlled transition to an entirely renewable electricity system, with a target of 100 per cent renewable electricity production by 2040.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Photo: Martina Huber/Government Offices

HeForShe launched in Sweden

2015, the United Nations global HeForShe campaign for gender equality was launched in Sweden. The objective is to show that gender equality is not a women’s issue, but an issue for women and men alike.

Photo: Martina Huber/Government Offices of Sweden

Major educational project against racism

The Government will instruct the Living History Forum to carry out an educational project called "This we must understand" during the period 2015-2017.

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