Democracy and human rights

Human rights are universal and apply to everyone. They establish that all human beings, irrespective of country, culture and context, are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Democracy policy includes general elections, measures to strengthen and protect the individual’s opportunities for influence, and measures to promote and guarantee respect for human rights. The rights of the child, discrimination, international law, disabilities, the Constitution of Sweden and personal privacy, national minorities and the Sami also come under the area of democracy and human rights.

Responsible for democracy and human rights

Responsible ministers

Alice Bah Kuhnke Minister for Culture and Democracy
Morgan Johansson Minister for Justice and Migration
Åsa Regnér Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality
Margot Wallström Minister for Foreign Affairs

Responsible ministries

News about democracy and human rights

  • Continued efforts for a Sweden that stands together – Government to invest SEK 132 million

    Photo: Viktor Holm/Folio

    The Government is mobilising efforts to foster an open and democratic society. Initiatives within the framework of ‘a Sweden that stands together’ were presented in the 2016 Spring Fiscal Policy Bill. This work will continue with additional initiatives for a society with open meeting places, more local cultural activities and an enhanced civil society, as well as measures against discrimination, extremism, threats and hate. A total of SEK 132 million is being committed in the Budget Bill for 2017 and the autumn amending budget for 2016.

Spectators at an arena.
- The Paralympics are more than just a sporting event. The Games are also important in the work of creating a more inclusive society in which everyone can participate. The Swedish model is a prerequisite for this,” said Ms Regnér. Foto: Joanna Abrahamsson//Government Offices

Welfare contributes to an inclusive society

“Welfare makes it possible for people with disabilities to be included in society,” said Åsa Regnér, the minister with responsibility for disability issues, as she represented the Swedish Government at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro on 7–9 September.

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Actions to Make Society More Resilient to Violent Extremism

This Communication provides an account of the measures the Government has implemented to safeguard democracy against violent extremism. The aim of these measures is to improve our knowledge of violent extremism and develop preventive initiatives and methods. These measures will enable authorities, municipalities and civil society organisations, including faith communities, to contribute in a more coordinated and effective manner to safeguard democracy against violent extremism.

Photo: Folio

Convention on the Rights of the Child about to become Swedish law

The Government intends to make the Convention on the Rights of the Child part of Swedish law. On 19 February 2015 the Government adopted supplementary terms of reference for the Inquiry on the rights of the child appointed in March 2013. The assignment has been extended and the Inquiry has been delivered as a full report by 11 Mars 2016 (SOU 2016:19).

Young boy studying in a classrum.
During the autumn, the Government has taken a number of decisions and initiatives to support municipalities in their work with unaccompanied minors. Photo: Folio

The Government helps municipalities place unaccompanied minors

The reception of large numbers of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in 2015 involved a considerable undertaking on the part of the municipalities to achieve a good long-term system of reception in which account is taken of children’s rights. Although the number of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in Sweden has decreased, Sweden will probably receive a large number of unaccompanied girls and boys in coming years too.

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