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Sweden recognises Palestine and increases aid

Sweden has today recognised the State of Palestine. The Government considers that the international law criteria for the recognition of Palestine have been satisfied.

EU summit focuses on environment and climate

Heads of state and government have agreed on the EU framework on climate and energy for 2030. The agreement means that emissions of greenhouse gases will be reduced by 40 per cent by 2030. The targets in the agreement also mean that the percentage of renewable energy used in the EU in 2030 is to total 27 per cent, and that the energy efficiency target is to total 27 per cent. The target for greenhouse gas emissions is binding.

The incoming European Commission under the leadership of Jean-Claude Juncker was also approved at the summit. The heads of state and government also decided to provide EUR 1 billion to fight Ebola. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven took part in the summit.

A Sweden that keeps together - Budget Bill for 2015

On 23 October the Government submitted its proposal for the central government budget for 2015 to the Riksdag. The Government is investing around SEK 25 billion in 2015 in reforms for more jobs, better results in schools, a better environment and a sustainable climate as well as reforms to protect the Swedish model.

Sweden contributes medical care efforts in the fight against Ebola

The Government has decided to contribute an additional SEK 100 million in humanitarian support to efforts to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

"Sweden is now responding to the UN request for more personnel and other resources. Sweden has many competent people who want and are able to contribute effectively the fight against Ebola. It is essential that all actors do their utmost. Ebola is now a global security issue," says Minister for International Development Cooperation Isabella Lövin.

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