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  • Global responsibility on common agenda

    When Prime Minister Stefan Löfven received US Vice President Joe Biden on 25 August, their meeting focused on global challenges. Special attention was given to the refugee situation and how to create sustainable conditions for peace and prosperity around the world.

Karolina Skog and Isabella Lövin
Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate Isabella Lövin and Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog at the press conference about the Committee's proposals. Photo: Jens Persson/Government Offices

Proposals for new goals and measures for climate and air policy

The Cross-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives has submitted its report to the Government. It contains proposals for several new goals for climate and air policy. In a previous interim report from February, a new climate policy framework and a climate act were proposed.

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Swedish Government Offices Yearbook 2015

The purpose of the yearbook is to present facts and figures about the organisation, and responsibilities and activities of the Government Offices.

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Prevent, preempt and protect – the Swedish counter-terrorism strategy

The Government has drawn up a new national counter-terrorism strategy that will form the basis of Sweden’s long-term work in this area, both nationally and internationally. The aim is to create a clear structure for the work needed to combat terrorist crime. The strategy emphasises the importance of cooperation and clear follow-up of the work done.

Picture of the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén and the Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality, Åsa Regnér
Picture of the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén and the Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality, Åsa Regnér. Photo: Sören Andersson/Regeringskansliet

A Feminist Government

Sweden has the first feminist government in the world. There is a focus on gender equality, both in national and international work. Women and men must have equal power to shape society and their own lives. Ultimately it is a question of human rights, democracy and justice. Gender equality is also a part of the solution to the challenges facing society. Gender equality is a matter of course in a modern welfare society – for social justice and economic development.

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