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Spring Fiscal Policy Bill 2014: Knowledge for a stronger workforce

On 9 April the Government presented its Spring Fiscal Policy Bill to the Riksdag. In this Spring Fiscal Policy Bill, the Government is presenting initiatives for more knowledge, Improved availability and skills in healthcare and further business climate improvements. As the recovery becomes more stable, fiscal policy will enter a new phase which will see public finances return to surplus. All initiatives will therefore be funded krona for krona.

Government newsletter: A Swedish voice in Europe - for peace and freedom

One hundred years ago, the first of two world wars broke out in Europe. Much has happened since then. The EU has brought the countries of Europe closer together, and brought democracy and prosperity. But even our part of the world can be affected by unrest and conflict, as shown not least by the deeply disturbing developments in Ukraine and Russia in recent weeks. Sweden's role in Europe and the EU is clear: we will use our foreign policy to safeguard peace and freedom - here at home, in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Results of the initiative for the most ill elderly people

Over 700 people gathered at Stockholm International Fairs in Älvsjö on 25 March when the Government presented the results of its initiative to improve health and social care for the most ill elderly people. The day included both new knowledge and ideas for the future.

White Paper on abuses and rights violations of Roma during the 1900s

The situation of Roma today is linked to history and the discrimination to which many Roma have long been subjected. Knowledge of this history and its connection to the conditions for Roma today is therefore important to the Government's efforts to improve their living conditions. The Government considers that a White Paper that describes this history is an important starting point in strengthening the work on the human rights of Roma.

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