Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for legislation concerning the constitution and general administrative law, civil law, procedural law and criminal law. The Ministry also handles matters relating to migration and asylum policy. In the international arena, the Ministry takes part in efforts to lay the groundwork for international cooperation against cross-border crime.

Responsible ministers

Justitie- och migrationsminister Morgan Johansson
Morgan Johansson Minister for Justice and Migration
Anders Ygeman Minister for Home Affairs

News from Ministry of Justice

  • Prevent, preempt and protect – the Swedish counter-terrorism strategy

    The Government has drawn up a new national counter-terrorism strategy that will form the basis of Sweden’s long-term work in this area, both nationally and internationally. The aim is to create a clear structure for the work needed to combat terrorist crime. The strategy emphasises the importance of cooperation and clear follow-up of the work done.

  • Internal border controls in Sweden

    The Swedish Government decided today to temporarily reintroduce internal border controls. The Government also proposes identity checks for ferry passengers.

  • Ethical recruitment of migrant workers

    Tuesday, 3 November, the Government is holding a seminar on ethical recruitment of migrant workers, in co-operation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The seminar revolves around IOM’s new initiative – International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) – aimed at helping companies to sustainable and ethical recruitment policies for migrant workers. The Swedish Government supports IOM’s development of IRIS as a part of its agenda to counteract exploitation of foreign workers.

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