Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation is responsible for matters relating to housing and urban development, state-owned enterprises, information technology, enterprise and industrial policy, rural affairs, regional growth, post issues and infrastructure.

Responsible ministers

Mikael Damberg Minister for Enterprise and Innovation
Anna Johansson Minister for Infrastructure
Sven-Erik Bucht Minister for Rural Affairs
Peter Eriksson Minister for Housing and Digital Development

News from Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Woman in a lab
Smart industry strategy for innovation in Sweden Photo: ABB

Smart industry - a strategy for new industrialisation for Sweden

Sweden’s prosperity is built on innovative and successful export companies that time and again have managed to renew and reorganise production and products to keep pace with changing markets. The Government’s strategy for new industrialisation is an important stage of the effort to benefit from the window of opportunity for new industrialisation that is now open to Sweden.

India’s President Shri Pranab Mukherjee at a meeting at Rosenbad during the State Visit to Sweden.
India’s President Shri Pranab Mukherjee at a meeting at Rosenbad during the State Visit to Sweden. Photo: Martina Huber/Government Offices

Sustainable cities in focus during the Indian State Visit

The main themes of the Indian State Visit to Sweden were innovations and sustainable development, with a focus on urban development, science and research. During the visit a roundtable discussion was held on how homes can be built in more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.

Photo: Maria Nilsson/Government Offices of Sweden

Towards a Swedish food strategy

A Swedish food strategy is to be drawn up in broad dialogue with food production chain actors. In 2015, dialogue meetings are held to collect ideas and proposals that are to be important background material for the strategy. A final strategy is to be presented in spring 2016.

Illustration: Government Offices of Sweden

Water and food security in a future that is not what it used to be

In the Swedish FAO Committee’s discussion paper, the significance of water for food security is discussed. The paper presents examples of new forms of collaboration around the world. According to the authors the human rights to water and food must be implemented so that the basic needs of vulnerable groups can be met.

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