Government and ministries

The Government governs the nation. It is assisted by the Government Offices, an integral authority comprising the Prime Minister's Office, the ministries and the Office of Administrative Affairs.

  • Stefan LöfvenStefan Löfven

    Prime Minister

  • Aida HadzialicAida Hadzialic

    Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training

  • Alice Bah KuhnkeAlice Bah Kuhnke

    Minister for Culture and Democracy

  • Anders YgemanAnders Ygeman

    Minister for Home Affairs

  • Anna JohanssonAnna Johansson

    Minister for Infrastructure

  • Annika StrandhällAnnika Strandhäll

    Minister for Social Security

  • Ardalan ShekarabiArdalan Shekarabi

    Minister for Public Administration

  • Gabriel WikströmGabriel Wikström

    Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport

  • Gustav FridolinGustav Fridolin

    Minister for Education

  • Helene Hellmark KnutssonHelene Hellmark Knutsson

    Minister for Higher Education and Research

  • Ibrahim BaylanIbrahim Baylan

    Minister for Energy

  • Isabella LövinIsabella Lövin

    Minister for International Development Cooperation

  • Prime Minister's Office

    The Prime Minister's Office directs and coordinates the work of the Government Offices. It is furthermore responsible for coordination of Sweden's EU policy, coordinates sustainable development work in the Government Offices and is responsible for constitutional policy and election issues.

  • Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Culture is responsible for issues relating to culture, media, democracy, human rights at national level, the national minorities and the language and culture of the Sami people. The Ministry is also responsible for anti-discrimination work and issues concerning civil society, faith communities and burial and cremation services.

  • Ministry of Defence

    The Ministry of Defence aims to fulfil the objectives set by the Government and Riksdag for defence policy, for national accident prevention and preparedness, and for preparedness for severe peacetime emergencies.

  • Ministry of Education and Research

    The Ministry of Education and Research is responsible for matters relating to schools, universities and colleges, research, gender equality issues and youth policy.

  • Ministry of Employment

    The Ministry of Employment is responsible for labour market policy, working life policy and integration policy.

  • Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

    The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation is responsible for matters relating to housing and urban development, state-owned enterprises, information technology, enterprise and industrial policy, rural affairs, food, regional growth, post issues and infrastructure.

  • Ministry of the Environment and Energy

    The Ministry of the Environment and Energy is responsible for environment issues. The ministry also has the overall responsibility for coordinating the Government's work on sustainable development.

  • Ministry of Finance

    The Ministry of Finance is responsible for matters relating to economic policy, the central government budget, taxes, banking, security and insurance, international economic work, state owned companies.

  • Kristina PerssonKristina Persson

    Minister for Strategic Development and Nordic Cooperation

  • Magdalena AnderssonMagdalena Andersson

    Minister for Finance

  • Margot WallströmMargot Wallström

    Minister for Foreign Affairs

  • Mehmet KaplanMehmet Kaplan

    Minister for Housing and Urban Development and Information Technology

  • Mikael DambergMikael Damberg

    Minister for Enterprise and Innovation

  • Morgan JohanssonMorgan Johansson

    Minister for Justice and Migration

  • Per BolundPer Bolund

    Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, Deputy Minister for Finance

  • Peter HultqvistPeter Hultqvist

    Minister for Defence

  • Sven-Erik BuchtSven-Erik Bucht

    Minister for Rural Affairs

  • Ylva JohanssonYlva Johansson

    Minister for Employment

  • Åsa Regnér Åsa Regnér

    Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality

  • Åsa RomsonÅsa Romson

    Minister for Climate and the Environment, Deputy Prime Minister

  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs

    The task of the foreign service is to assist in realising the Government's overall goals in matters of foreign policy. The Ministry is also responsible for coordinating Sweden's foreign policy in the Government Offices.

  • Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

    The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is responsible for issues concerning the welfare of society. This is about promoting people's health, but also making sure that sick people get the treatment that they need. It includes insurance to provide financial security for those who are sick or elderly, or have young children. Providing care for people with social difficulties, the disabled and the elderly is also included. The Ministry's work also includes rights of the child, rights for people with disabilities and gender equality.

  • Ministry of Justice

    The Ministry of Justice is responsible for matters relating to the police authorities, judiciary system, prisons service, migration and asylum.

  • Office for Administrative Affairs

    The Office for Administrative Affairs acts as a joint resource for the Government Offices and is responsible for administrative matters of a cross-ministerial nature.

  • Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union

    The Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union is the extended arm of the Government Offices in Brussels. Staff of the Permanent Representation are recruited from all 'ministries and are engaged in pursuing Sweden's standpoints on EU policies.

  • About the Government Offices

    The Government Offices form a single, integrated public authority comprising the Prime Minister's Office, the government ministries and the Office for Administrative Affairs.