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Minister for integration Erik Ullenhag.

Many of the prejudices that persist against Roma today and much of the exclusion we still see are a result of historical abuses. These are the words of Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag.

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Sweden chairs Global Forum on Migration and Development

The Global Forum on Migration and Development is an intergovernmental platform for dialogue and began in 2007 to deepen international dialogue and enhance cooperation between states in the areas of migration and development. Sweden takes an active part in the GFMD process and is acting as Chair in 2013-2014.

See the live webcast from the High Level Seminar in Stockholm, april 28 2014, on the theme Unlocking the potential of migration for inclusive development.

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White Paper on abuses and rights violations of Roma during the 1900s

The situation of Roma today is linked to history and the discrimination to which many Roma have long been subjected. Knowledge of this history and its connection to the conditions for Roma today is therefore important to the Government's efforts to improve their living conditions. The Government considers that a White Paper that describes this history is an important starting point in strengthening the work on the human rights of Roma.

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Nordic pocket facts 2013 - Statistics on integration

A statistical breakdown of the differences and similarities between native-born and foreign-born persons.

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