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Minister for Employment to meet Commissioner Thyssen

Tomorrow, Friday 16 January, Minister for Employment Ylva Johansson will visit commissioners and social partners in Brussels. The visit is part of the Government's efforts to strengthen work on creating an orderly labour market and jobs with decent conditions in the EU.

Labour market policy to focus on young people and work environment

In the Budget Bill for 2015, the Government is taking several initiatives to tackle youth unemployment, including a 90-day guarantee for young people, trainee jobs and education contracts. The Government is also proposing initiatives to meet the challenges of modern working life, a higher ceiling for unemployment benefits, improved public employment services, earlier disbursement of resources for the EU employment initiative and 'extra jobs'. The Government also intends to lower the allowance paid to workplaces accepting apprentices in phase 3 of the job and development guarantee programme.

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A Sweden that keeps together - Budget Bill for 2015

On 23 October the Government submitted its proposal for the central government budget for 2015 to the Riksdag. The Government is investing around SEK 25 billion in 2015 in reforms for more jobs, better results in schools, a better environment and a sustainable climate as well as reforms to protect the Swedish model.

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