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Minister for Culture and Democracy Photo: Marianne Andersson/Regeringskansliet

Alice Bah Kuhnke new head of the Ministry of Culture

A new Government has been formed in Sweden. It is led by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and consists of 23 ministers in addition to the Prime Minister. Alice Bah Kuhnke is Minister for Culture and Democracy and new head of the Ministry of Culture.

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Certain parts of this website are currently being updated due to the change of government.

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Counsellors for Cultural Affairs

The overall task of Swedens's Counsellors for Cultural Affairs posted abroad is to promote the role of culture in contacts with other countries and to encourage cultural dialogue. Cultural Affairs Counsellors are currently stationed at Sweden's embassies in Berlin, London, Istanbul, Moscow, Beijing and Washington, and at the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union in Brussels. There is also a combined post of Head of the Swedish Cultural Centre in Paris and Counsellor for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy in Paris.

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