The fight against Ebola

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Since spring 2014, an Ebola outbreak has been ongoing in West Africa, where Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are particularly affected.

The outbreak escalated dramatically in August and the virus is now spreading exponentially. A number of initiatives are now being taken at the highest political level to support the affected countries.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has issued advice against travelling to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

What is Sweden doing?

Sweden is strongly committed and has so far contributed extensive humanitarian support to organisations including IRC, Doctors without Borders, Save the Children and the Red Cross, as well technical expertise. Swedish assistance focus mainly on health and medical support, isolation measures, logistical support, child protection, training for health workers and awareness-raising. Sweden is also contributing with financial support through the European Union.

Sweden has strong ties with Liberia, such as important political relations, significant development cooperation and Swedish contributions to the UN mission in Liberia, UNMIL. Sweden is a leader, alongside the United States, in peace-building and state-building efforts in Liberia.