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Economic policy is about ensuring the efficient functioning of the Swedish economy, moderating the ups and downs in the economy and redistributing economic resources between individuals and over time.

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Magdalena Andersson, Minister for Finance
Magdalena Andersson Minister for Finance

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  • The 2020 Spring Budget

    Photo: Ninni Andersson/Government Offices of Sweden

    The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious threat to people’s lives and health. Serious economic consequences will follow in its wake. In five additional amending budgets, the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party have presented proposals for active measures to limit the spread of the virus and mitigate the economic effects on society. Today, the Government presents the 2020 Spring Fiscal Policy Bill and the Spring Amending Budget for 2020 with additional measures. All of these measures total over SEK 100 billion.

  • Economic measures in response to COVID-19

    More about the measures taken so far in response to the COVID-19 virus.

  • The Swedish fiscal policy framework

    The fiscal policy framework is an instrument to ensure that fiscal policy is sustainable and transparent in the long term. Certain principles are regulated by law, while others are based on the practice that has gradually developed since the 1990s. In June 2016, a cross-party agreement was concluded on changes to the fiscal policy framework. In April 2018, the Government presented a written communication to the Riksdag containing a cohesive description of the framework.

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