State-owned enterprises

The state is a significant company owner in Sweden. The state’s company portfolio contains 48 wholly or partially owned companies, of which two are publicly traded. In addition, two business foundations are administered. In total, the state-owned enterprises employ approximately 137 000 people. The estimated total value of the state company portfolio amounts to SEK 510 billion.

Responsible for state-owned enterprises

Responsible minister

Mikael Damberg
Mikael Damberg Minister for Enterprise and Innovation

Responsible ministry

News about state-owned enterprises

  • The state as a company owner

    Together, the state-owned companies constitute a significant part of the Swedish business sector. The state has a major responsibility to be an active and professional owner. The Government's overall objectives are for the companies to generate value and, where applicable, to ensure that specially commissioned public policy assignments are well performed.

Investment management organisation

The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, responsible for administration of the majority of state-owned enterprises, has an organisation specialised in corporate governance and company management.

How the companies are managed

The State’s Ownership Policy outlines the framework for company management and clarifies the relationship between owners, board and management. In the ownership policy, the Government details its ownership mandates and its position on key principle matters.


The Government submits an annual communication to the Riksdag. The communication provides an account of management of the state-owned companies in the past year. It includes an introduction and the annex ‘Annual report of State-owned companies’, and is published in June.

Financial advisers

The Government Offices hires financial advisers to help with the issue, sale, acquisition and transfer of securities and other financial instruments regarding state-owned companies.

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