Media policy is to provide the conditions for the free formation of opinion, the free exchange of ideas and real opportunities to scrutinise various phenomena and activities in society. To do this, a variety of high-quality media are needed. Media policy covers film, the daily press, radio and TV, and the protection of children and young people from harmful effects of the media.

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Amanda Lind, Minister for Culture and Democracy, with responsibility for sport
Amanda Lind Minister for Culture and Democracy, with responsibility for sport

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  • Budget initiative for journalism throughout the country

    Photo: Agnieszka Olek/Folio

    To improve the conditions for news coverage and local journalism throughout the country, the Government proposes that media subsidies are increased by a total of SEK 140 million, including previously announced increases. Moreover, an increase of SEK 30 million is proposed for the current year.

    “The existence of comprehensive news coverage throughout the country is crucial for democracy. Local newspapers are essential for maintaining the democratic ecosystem throughout the country. We are now taking a concrete and clear measure, in accordance with the January Agreement, to safeguard independent journalism throughout the country by strengthening the media subsidy,” says Minister for Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind.

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