Judicial system

The judicial system comprises the institutions that are responsible for the rule of law and legal security in Sweden, i.e. the police, public prosecutor, courts and correctional treatment. This entails preventing and combating criminal activities, investigating crime, enforcing sentences and providing support to victims of crime.

Responsible for judicial system

Responsible ministers

Morgan Johansson, Minister for Justice and Migration
Morgan Johansson Minister for Justice and Migration
Mikael Damberg, Minister for Home Affairs
Mikael Damberg Minister for Home Affairs

Responsible ministry

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  • Sweden hosted expert meeting on tribunal

    The 3 June, Sweden hosted a meeting of experts at senior official level, with participants from eleven EU countries, including Sweden, Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands, and representatives of the EU and the UK. During the meeting in Stockholm today, the senior officials discussed matters related to accountability for crimes committed in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

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