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Social insurance is about providing financial security in the event of illness, in old age, and for parents of small children. This area covers sickness insurance, pensions, parental insurance and benefits for parents.

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Ardalan Shekarabi, Minister for Public Administration
Ardalan Shekarabi Minister for Social Security

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  • Work in the areas of public health, medical care, social care and social insurance with regard to the COVID-19 virus

    • Two women and two men standing beside each other.

      At a press conference about COVID-19 virus, March 13. Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Lena Hallengren, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister for Higher Education and Research Matilda Ernkrans.

      Ninni Andersson/Government Offices of Sweden

    • A woman talking.

      Lena Hallengren, Minister for Health and Social Affairs.

      Photo: Ninni Andersson/Government Offices of Sweden

    There is now an ongoing outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The Swedish Government is following developments carefully and is in continuous contact with the responsible authorities. Below is a selection of the Government’s decisions and initiatives that have been taken so far in the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs’ areas.

  • Sustainable pensions: Improved basic protection for pensioners and a gradual increase in retirement age

    Photo: Pernille Tofte

    The Government wants to raise pensions. The Government and the Working Group on Pensions have therefore proposed a number of pension measures in bills submitted to the Riksdag on 28 May, 2019. The Working Group on Pensions includes the governing parties – the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the Green Party – and the Moderate Party, the Centre Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats.

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