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  • Prime Minister to lead caretaker government

    The Prime Minister has today requested her dismissal. The Prime Minister and the other ministers have therefore been dismissed by the Speaker of the Riksdag. They will remain in office until a new government is in place. The Government is thus a caretaker government.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Swedish Government’s stance is clear: support to Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and a stronger Sweden. Sweden, the EU and many other countries are standing with Ukraine.

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Key acts and ordinances entering into force around the second half of 2022

This compilation contains a selection of acts and ordinances – both new and amended – that enter into force in mid-2022.

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Sweden and NATO

Information about the Government’s work in relation to Sweden’s application for NATO membership is gathered here.

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Swedish Government Offices Yearbook 2021

How many people work at the Government Offices? What was the central government budget like last year? How many acts and ordinances were issued last year? The answer to these and other questions can be found in the Swedish Government Offices Yearbook 2021.

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