Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for issues concerning culture, democracy, media, the national minorities, and the language and culture of the Sami people. The Ministry is also responsible for sport, youth policy and issues concerning civil society, faith communities, and burial and cremation services.

Responsible minister

Amanda Lind, Minister for Culture and Democracy, with responsibility for sport
Amanda Lind Minister for Culture and Democracy, with responsibility for sport

News from Ministry of Culture

  • Maximum of eight people permitted at public gatherings and events

    The Government has decided that as a general rule, it is now prohibited to organise public gatherings and events with more than eight participants. The aim is to counter the spread of COVID-19.

    The Government has also decided on an exemption for religious gatherings held in connection with a death, provided that no more than 20 people participate. The exemption means that it will be possible to hold funeral services, urn interments and the like. The exemption is applicable regardless of faith.

  • Parts of the budget concerning culture

    The Government proposes the following investments in culture in the additional amending budget, the autumn amending budget and the Budget Bill for 2021. The Government’s proposals are based on an agreement between the government parties, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

Content from the Ministry of Culture

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