Central government budget

An important part of the Government’s work to realise its policies is to draw up proposals on the central government budget. The proposals are submitted in government bills to the Riksdag.

  • Implementation of the Riksdag decisions on the central government budget for 2022

    Following the Riksdag’s adoption of the adjustments to the Government’s Budget Bill for 2022 proposed by the Moderate Party, the Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats, the Riksdag has decided on appropriations in the 27 expenditure areas. The Riksdag has thus concluded its processing of the central government budget for 2022.

  • Decision on central government expenditure framework for 2022

    On 24 November 2021, the Riksdag took the first decision on the central government budget for 2022, known as the framework decision. The Riksdag’s framework decision implies amendments in relation to the government’s budget proposal.

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