Elisabeth Svantesson

Elisabeth Svantesson

Minister for Finance

Ministry of Finance

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  • Svantesson: Prolonged recession impending

    Sweden’s economy has thus far weathered high interest rates and energy prices better than expected. Next year, however, Sweden will enter a recession that is expected to last until 2025. This is according to the Ministry of Finance’s latest economic forecast presented today by Minister for Finance Elisabeth Svantesson.

  • Budget Bill for 2023 – reforms to strengthen Sweden in challenging times

    Photo: Ninni Andersson /Government Officies of Sweden

    The Government today presented the Budget Bill for 2023 to the Riksdag. Among the proposals contained in the Bill are reforms to support Swedish households and businesses, strengthen welfare, increase security and bolster defence. It also includes measures for increased fossil-free electricity production, reduced emissions and a cleaner environment. The Budget Bill is based on an agreement between the Sweden Democrats, the Moderate Party, the Christian Democrats and the Liberal Party.

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