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The Ministry of Defence is responsible for issues concerning Sweden’s military defence, coordination of civil defence and crisis preparedness, and protection against accidents. Its strategic planning includes international operations and security-building activities, which the agencies are instructed to implement and follow up.

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  • Sweden to take part in JEF activity to protect critical infrastructure in Baltic Sea

    Two corvettes (small warships) out at sea.
    Sweden will provide two Visby-class corvettes to the activity. Photo: Jimmie Adamsson/Swedish Armed Forces

    Damage to cables and pipelines in the Baltic Sea has been discovered recently on multiple occasions. The Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) will increase its presence to help improve protection of critical underwater infrastructure in the region. Sweden will provide two corvettes.

  • Press conference following Nordic and Baltic defence ministers meeting

    On November 23, Minister for Defence Pål Jonson invited the media to a press conference, following the meeting with defence ministers from the Nordic and Baltic countries at Karlberg Palace.

Photo: Government Offices of Sweden

Damaged telecommunications cable between Sweden and Estonia

It has been confirmed that an undersea telecommunications cable between Sweden and Estonia has been damaged by means of external force or tampering. Minister for Defence Pål Jonson and Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin held a press conference on Tuesday 17 October to provide an overview of the situation and describe what government agencies are doing in response.

The Budget Bill for 2024.
The Budget Bill for 2024. Photo: Government Offices of Sweden.

Investments in civil defence and crisis preparedness in the autumn budget

In light of the serious security environment, the Government has proposed a number of investments in civil defence and crisis preparedness in the Budget Bill for 2024 and the autumn amending budget for 2023.

Photo: Niklas Forsström/Government Offices of Sweden

New military support package to Ukraine

The Government today adopted a proposal for an additional amending budget containing a new support package to Ukraine. The package, which is the fourteenth of its kind, includes artillery shells, spare parts, infantry equipment, communication equipment and Combat Vehicle 90 ammunition, worth around SEK 1.7 billion. The main part of the package regards ammunition and spare parts. In addition, the Government plans to adopt additional measures to supplement the direct materiel support, meaning that this support package will be worth a total of around SEK 2.2 billion. The Government also presented an assignment to the Swedish Armed Forces to analyse and report on the conditions for strengthening Ukraine through JAS 39 Gripen.

Photo: Government Offices of Sweden.

Military budget initiatives for 2024

Sweden is currently facing the most serious security situation since the Second World War. This places new demands on military defence.

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