Carl-Oskar Bohlin

Minister for Civil Defence

Ministry of Defence

“A strong civil defence is required for the defence of Sweden. Building resilience throughout society increases Sweden’s security in an increasingly difficult security situation. Civil defence must be strong enough to carry Swedish society in its basic functions, while also capable of assisting the military defence in carrying out its tasks.”

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  • Continued investigations of M/S Estonia

    In the 2023 Spring Amending Budget, the Government proposes that the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority be allocated SEK 25 million for further investigations of the M/S Estonia in 2023. As part of its investigations, the Authority will salvage the vessel’s bow ramp and photograph and film the vehicle deck.

  • New act will stop investments in companies by foreign actors that could harm Sweden

    Foreign direct investments are hugely important to Sweden’s business sector. At the same time, there are risks associated with foreign actors investing in protected activities. The Government has therefore today decided to refer a proposal to the Council on Legislation for a new act under which investments that involve security risks can be reviewed by a special screening authority and, if necessary, prohibited.

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