Organisation of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has some 200 employees, of which about 15 are political appointees.

Political leadership

Annika Strandhäll is Minister for Health and Social Affairs and head of the Ministry.Åsa Regnér is Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality .

In addition to the ministers, the political leadership includes state secretaries. They are responsible for various policy areas directly under the ministers, and assist the ministers in planning, coordinating and monitoring the Ministry's activities.

The ministers and state secretaries have a staff of political advisers who assist them in policy work, providing background material, political assessments, planning and coordination and media contacts.

Non-political appointees

The Ministry has a Director-General for Administrative Affairs and two Directors-General for Legal Affairs who, like the state secretaries, assist the ministers in managing, planning and coordinating the Ministry's activities. They ensure that matters at the Ministry are processed in a manner that is legally compliant and consistent. The Directors-General for Legal Affairs also ensure that drafts are prepared for legislation and other statutes and regulations.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has divisions for specific policy areas and divisions for support and coordination. Their task is to provide support to the political leadership.

Policy divisions

The policy divisions lay the groundwork for Government decisions. This includes working on government bills, budget and governance issues concerning government agencies, and development work in the form of inquiries of their own, serving on other inquires, etc.

  • Division for Families and Social Services
  • Division for Gender Equality
  • Division for Public Health and Health Care
  • Social Insurance Division

Divisions for support and coordination

One division reviews above all the way the Ministry prepares various matters and another deals with issues of a legal nature and matters that concern laws and other statutes.

  • Office of the Director-General for Administrative Affairs
  • Legal Secretariat

The other divisions deal with support and coordination of cross-divisional issues, EU and international issues, the central government budget and administration. They also work with analysis and research issues, the internal budget, personnel issues, and external and internal communication.

  • Communications Division
  • Division for Coordination and Support
  • Division for EU and International Affairs