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Interim report: The nuclear new-build coordinator's recommendations regarding the expansion of new nuclear power in Sweden – June 2024 Reference No.: Komm2024/00450/KN 2024:01-1/



Since 1 February 2024, the inquiry "A national coordinator for the expansion of nuclear power" (KN 2024:01, hereinafter referred to as the "nuclear newbuild coordinator" or "the inquiry") has evaluated the measures taken linked to the expansion of nuclear power in Sweden and whether these are sufficient in relation to the roadmap for new nuclear power presented by the cooperating parties within the Tidö Agreement and adopted by the Swedish Parliament as part of the new energy policy framework. The Government has initiated, and in some cases implemented, several measures and investigations to create clearer and more efficient conditions for new nuclear power in Sweden. The Government has also assigned a number of missions to authorities for the same reason. These efforts are summarised in Chapter 4. In Chapter 5, the nuclear new-build coordinator provides an assessment of the ongoing investigations in relation to the objectives of the roadmap, and in Chapter 6 proposes further measures to strengthen the conditions for new nuclear power in Sweden.

The report summarizes the main recommendations of the nuclear new-build coordinator based on the work carried out during the period from 1 Feb to 31 May 2024. The report is not a complete account of the work carried out, nor should the analysis be seen as comprehensive in terms of obstacles and needs linked to new nuclear power in Sweden.