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Statement on advisory against travel to Lebanon


The security situation in Lebanon is serious and unpredictable, and it could deteriorate very quickly.

Since October 2023, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has advised against all travel to Lebanon. The Ministry also urges all Swedes who, despite the official advice, are currently in the country to leave as soon as possible. 

Despite the serious situation and the advice against travel, it is estimated that at least 2 000 Swedes are currently in Lebanon. In addition, more than 5 000 Swedes are expected to travel to the country in the coming weeks. This is deeply concerning and serious.

An advisory against all travel to a country and urging people to leave is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ most stringent advisory. It is a very strong signal that the security situation is serious and can rapidly change. It means that the Ministry and the Embassy have very limited opportunities to help people who may need consular support. 

Anyone who chooses to stay in, or travel to, Lebanon bears a high degree of personal responsibility.

It is important that anyone who – in the current situation – chooses to stay in or travel to Lebanon be aware that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Embassy will have severely limited possibilities to provide consular support if the situation deteriorates.