Nuclear Waste, State-of-the-art Report 2004 SOU 2004:67

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Since the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste (KASAM) was established in 1985, KASAM has regularly published reports of its independent review of the state-of-the-art in the nuclear waste area. None of KASAM´s state-of-the-art reports can provide an entirely comprehensive view of the state-of-the-art in the nuclear waste area. This is not KASAM´s aim. Instead, each report deals with current issues in the debate at the time of publication and for which there may be a need to present an accurate and accessible overview. The choice of subject areas covered is also, to some extent, affected by the competence profiles of KASAM´s members. A detailed description of the structure of this state-of-the-art report is provided in an introduction. The main contents of the report: Section I - The Nuclear Waste Issue in Sweden and Abroad Section II - Handling the Risks of Nuclear Waste. An Overview of Methods, Problems and Possibilities Section III - The Nuclear Waste Issue and the Future