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Press release from Ministry of Defence

Sweden’s first defence and security space strategy


On 4 July, the Government adopted Sweden’s first defence and security space strategy − The role of space in a new security environment.

“Space is an arena for cooperation but is also increasingly competitive and contested. In concrete terms, this means that we need to be prepared to take technical, political, diplomatic and military measures when necessary,” says Minister for Defence Pål Jonson.

The use of space has made our societies stronger, safer and more prosperous, and has become part of our everyday lives. Space is both a strategic and operational domain on which we have become increasingly dependent.

The overall objective of the strategy is to secure Sweden’s defence and security interests in and through space. To achieve this, Sweden will establish itself as a significant and responsible space actor in the defence and security area through national and international activities. 

“With this strategy, we are strengthening the defence and security dimension of space policy so that Sweden is better postured to meet the challenges in space and to use space for defence and security,” says Mr Jonson.

The strategy builds on four pillars:

  • Ensure freedom of action in and through space by having the ability to anticipate and address challenges associated with space.
  • Create a portfolio of space capabilities, services and capacity to support our total defence and crisis preparedness.
  • Be an active and responsible partner in the international space arena and contribute to the common security.
  • Conduct a coherent and knowledge-based space policy that contributes to the development of crisis preparedness and total defence.

This strategy complements the Swedish national space strategy (Govt Communication 2017/18:259).

Sweden’s defence and security space strategy is currently only available in Swedish.

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