Swedish Explanation of Vote at the Adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution on MONUSCO

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Swedish Explanation of Vote at the Adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution on MONUSCO, Friday, 31 March 2017, New York.

Mr President,

Let me begin by saying a few words about the tragic deaths of Zaida Catalán and Michael Sharp. Like others, I want to express my deep condolences to their families and friends at this difficult time. I fully share their sense of loss and despair.

Zaida Catalán was a Swedish national who had dedicated her life to peace and justice. She selflessly put her own life in harm's way in order to save others.

As a member of the UN Group of Experts, Zaida worked tirelessly to contribute to the understanding of the causes of conflict and insecurity in the DRC. We will honor her memory by continuing to support the invaluable work of the Group of Experts and the whole UN family in the DRC.

The circumstances surrounding this incident must now be thoroughly investigated. The four Congolese citizens that remain unaccounted for must be found. Sweden fully supports the investigations into this incident by the UN and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to ensure that the facts are established, and that those responsible are held to account.


Mr President,

Sweden welcomes the adoption of this resolution today by unanimity. In the current fragile situation in the DRC the decision by the Council to agree on a clearly prioritised mandate for this vital UN mission is important. We thank France for their able leadership during the negotiations.

The resolution contains two clear priorities: the protection of civilians and support to the political process. MONUSCO has received a robust, efficient and updated mandate to protect civilians, which must be a priority. In addition, we believe that the resolution adopted today provides support to the political process by making it a key priority for MONUSCO.

Sweden believes that a renewed effort by all parties to reduce the current unacceptable levels of violence and to fully implement the political agreement, as a basis for moving towards free, democratic and peaceful elections, and is essential.

Mr President,

The situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a longstanding item on this Council’s agenda. The future of the country is ultimately in the hands of the leadership and the people of the DRC. However, we hope that today’s action by the Council can help contribute to moving the country one step closer to the stable and prosperous country that it’s people deserve.