Swedish statement at the UN Security Council Briefing on the ICC (Sudan) Reference No.: Swedish statement at the UN Security Council Briefing on ICC (Sudan)


National statement delivered by Ambassador Irina Schoulgin Nyoni on behalf of Sweden at the United Nations Security Council Briefing on the International Criminal Court (Sudan), 20 June 2018, New York.

Thank you, Mr President,

And thank you, Prosecutor Bensouda, for your briefing today, and let me also assure you of our continued and full support for the efforts of the International Criminal Court and of your Office. It is imperative that your call for the full backing of the Council and member states is positively received, respected and acted upon. For the Council this means following through on our decisions, in this case our unanimous decision to refer the situation in Darfur to the ICC.

Mr President,

Regrettably, once again, little has changed since the Prosecutor last briefed the Council in December 2017. It is particularly frustrating that all arrest warrants remain outstanding and that the suspects remain at large. We reiterate our call on the Government of Sudan to cooperate fully with the Court, in accordance with resolution 1593.

In addition, further steps by the Government of Sudan are also needed to assure justice for the women, men and children that have been victims of the horrendous crimes committed during the conflict in Darfur. Victims' voices must be heard.

The success of the referral of the Darfur situation to the Office of the Prosecutor continues to depend heavily upon the cooperation of States, in particular States Parties to the Rome Statute. In this regard, it is deeply concerning that the President of Sudan has been able to continue to travel internationally, including to States Parties to the Rome Statute, which have an obligation to cooperate with the Court in fulfilling its mandate.

Like other States Parties, we continue to raise the issue of non-cooperation with relevant governments. Without its own enforcement mechanism, the Court relies on States to fulfil its mandate, including by executing arrest warrants. As we and several other State Parties have stated previously, this Council should approach cases of non-cooperation in a structured manner and – as a minimum – discuss which tools it has for an appropriate response.

Mr President,

Turning to the current situation in Darfur, we welcome reports that, over the last six months, the level of violence against civilians and the number of internally displaced persons have both decreased. We are pleased to observe a continuing improvement in the overall situation and that clashes with Sudan Liberation Army-Abdul Wahid remain confined to Jebel Marra. Nonetheless, we remain concerned about reports from UNAMID regarding continued attacks on villages and civilians. Despite the fact that the reported incidents of rape remained relatively low during the reporting period, sexual and gender related violence remain a serious problem in Darfur.

We agree with Prosecutor Bensouda that for a lasting peace in Darfur, the root causes of the conflict must be recognised and addressed in a holistic manner. Adequate steps to do so have yet to be put in place, for example in response to persistent poverty, gender inequality, inadequate access to social services, the adverse effects of climate change, land issues, and violations and abuses of human rights. Building effective rule of law institutions is a critical part of the process to address remaining challenges successfully.

In conclusion, Mr President, let me once again underline the significant contribution that the Court and the Office of the Prosecutor have made to accountability for perpetrators and justice for victims of serious international crimes. As supporters and as members of the international community, we have an obligation to continue to support its work, including by ensuring sufficient financial funding for the Court to be able to carry out its mandate.

Thank you, Mr President.


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