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Swedish Explanation of Vote after the Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2451 on Yemen


Explanation of Vote delivered by Ambassador Olof Skoog on behalf of Sweden after the Adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2451 on Yemen, 21 December 2018, New York.

Mr. President,

Sweden voted in favor of today’s resolution on Yemen and we strongly welcomes its adoption for all the reasons that my UK colleague just mentioned. I want to thank her and her team and all other Council members for having worked hard for this resolution.

As stated by Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, the Stockholm Agreement can be the breakthrough for peace and a turning point for the Yemen crisis. Today’s resolution endorses the agreement, calls on the parties to implement it, authorizes the UN to support and sets out next steps in the process. The resolution does not address all the issues of the multifaceted crises that Yemen faces, but the implementation of the concrete measures in the Stockholm Agreement will provide much needed steps in that direction, with direct and positive humanitarian impact for the people of Yemen.

We commend the Yemeni parties for engaging constructively at the UN-led consultations. We welcome Special Envoy Griffiths tireless efforts and we reiterate our deep appreciation also for the personal engagement of Secretary-General Guterres.

Implementation of the key provisions of the resolution is urgently needed – and must be our primary focus. The ceasefire, announced in Hodeidah since 18th of December, is the most pressing of several important steps.

As tensions remain on the ground, following years of conflict and lack of trust between the parties, it is important that the Security Council insists on the full respect by all parties to the ceasefire and that the UN is authorized to monitor it.

We now look forward to the swift establishment and deployment of the advance team to begin the monitoring and facilitation of the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement and we appreciate that the Secretary-General has moved very swiftly in order for the UN to fulfill their part in this. The does UN have a key role in working with the parties to ensure that the ceasefire is upheld and the ports and roads can remain open for provisions to enter the country. We stand ready to participate in the UN presence that will be established in Hodeidah.

Mr. President,

We remain deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis and the looming threat of famine. The measures in the Stockholm Agreement will serve to alleviate the humanitarian suffering but further measures are urgently needed, as outlined several times to this Council by Under-Secretary-General Mark Lowcock.

Looking ahead, we welcome the Special Envoy’s intention to convene the two sides again in January for continued discussions on the many issues at hand, including further confidence building measures as well as the framework for a forward-looking political process. The parties should show the same level of commitment as in Stockholm, to move forward on those issues.

Sweden’s engagement for Yemen will continue beyond our tenure on the Council. During our term, we have made continued efforts to keep Yemen high on the Council’s agenda. This includes addressing the humanitarian disaster. We will for the third time co-host the pledging event for the UN humanitarian response plan for Yemen together with Switzerland on February 26th next year, as a further response to the humanitarian disaster. We have also continuously emphasized the importance of an inclusive political process, with the meaningful participation of women as well as of youth.

Mr. President,

As we stated in this Council last Friday the breakthrough made by the parties in Sweden is truly significant and it brings hope but it will be meaningful only once it produces tangible results for the Yemeni people.

Today’s resolution is a strong manifestation of the international community’s unity and commitment to fully back it up.

Thank you very much Mr. President.


Lisa Laskaridis
Head of Press and Communication, Permanent Mission of Sweden to the UN
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