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Decision on vaccination certificates for public gatherings and events applies as of 1 December 2021


The Government has adopted an amendment to the Limitations Ordinance that enables use of vaccination certificates at public gatherings and events. The amendment enters into force on 1 December 2021.

“The aim of vaccination certificates is to reduce the spread of the virus by having as few chains of infection as possible. At the same time, we can have larger audiences in theatres and sports arenas,” says Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren.

Last week, on 17 November 2021, the Government announced its intention to move forward with the request from the Public Health Agency of Sweden to enable use of vaccination certificates at public gatherings and events with an audience of more than 100 people.

The Government’s decision means that if the organiser chooses to require a vaccination certificate, they do not have to adhere to the attendance limits that the Public Health Agency deems necessary for public gatherings and events held indoors with more than 100 participants. People under the age of 18 and people who should not get vaccinated against COVID-19 on medical grounds are exempt from this requirement. The vaccination certificate is part of the ‘COVID certificate’.

According to the Government’s decision, organisers of gatherings or events must verify the vaccination certificate’s authenticity and require valid identification when participants enter the premises. The Public Health Agency also requires organisers who use vaccination certifications to have a procedure in place for how to verify vaccination certificates.

Together with the Public Health Agency, the Government is continuously evaluating the situation regarding the pandemic and the need for additional disease control measures.