SEK 1 billion in additional support for Ukraine


On Monday 29 August, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson received Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba to discuss additional Swedish support for Ukraine.

At the joint press conference, Ms Andersson began by welcoming Mr Kuleba back to Stockholm and subsequently reflected on her strong memories from her trip to Kyiv in July.

”It’s heartbreaking to see the atrocities and the destruction of your vast, fertile country.”

Article: Magdalena Andersson visits Ukraine

“You are defending yourselves and your country, but you are also defending our common European values and international regulations. Borders must never be changed by force and war. This is a massive undertaking, and it’s our duty and honour to support you in every possible way. My Government will therefore approve new economic support to Ukraine in the amount of SEK 1 billion – approximately USD 100 million,” said Ms Andersson.

Two-part support package

Ms Andersson described the support as having two parts:

“The first part is new military support in the amount of SEK 500 million. The content of the new economic support package corresponds to your requests and complements donations from other nations. A decision on the issue will be made in the near future.”

The second part of Sweden’s support consists of SEK 500 million to promote Ukraine’s economy, resilience and recovery. Ms Andersson described the support in several points:

“Sweden will increase its support to aid Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction, not least through management and reuse of destroyed infrastructure. Recycling destroyed buildings and infrastructure can be dangerous and explosive. Sweden, together with international partners, is well-suited to help Ukraine in this area. We will also buy Ukrainian wheat, which will support Ukraine’s economy and ensure continued food transports from the country.

“We will continue to give funding to the UN World Food Programme to purchase, transfer and deliver wheat that is currently stuck in Ukraine to countries that are threatened by famine. Sweden’s contribution will enable fully loaded ships to transport 30 000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat to millions of recipients who are at risk of starvation. Since this increases the country’s self-sufficiency, it’s also critical for Ukraine’s independence.”

Ms Andersson concluded the press conference by emphasising that Ukraine is a part of Europe:

“Ukraine is a part of the European family, and this family will help you win the war.”

During his visit, Mr Kuleba will also meet with his colleague, Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde, and Minister for International Development Cooperation Matilda Ernkrans.