Sweden and NATO

Information about the Government’s work in relation to Sweden’s application for NATO membership is gathered here.

  • Sweden’s road to NATO membership

    The requests  - close-up. Flags in the background.
    Sweden and Finland’s requests were presented to the NATO Secretary General on 18 May. Photo: NATO

    On 16 May 2022, the then Government, with broad support in the Riksdag, decided to apply for NATO membership. On 5 July 2022, all NATO member countries signed the Accession Protocol for Sweden. Until all NATO member countries have ratified Sweden’s application for NATO membership, Sweden has the status of applicant country (invitee), which involves gradual integration into NATO structures.

Trilateral memorandum between Türkiye, Finland and Sweden

Deterioration of the security environment – implications for Sweden

On 16 March, the Government set up a working group to deliberate on the changed security environment following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The decision to apply for NATO membership was based in part on the working group’s report (Ds 2022:7).

About NATO

NATO is an intergovernmental political and military alliance comprising 30 member states in Europe and North America with collective defence obligations and defence planning.

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