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Statement from the Minister for Foreign Affairs regarding the report on Sweden’s international defence and security policy cooperation


The report contains a review of bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation in the area of defence and security policy. This includes cooperation with Finland, the Nordic and Nordic–Baltic cooperation forums and the EU, the OSCE, the UN and NATO. The inquiry's terms of reference did not include evaluating non-participation in military alliances.

Sweden's security policy principles are well known and remain firm. Our non-participation in military alliances serves us well, and contributes to stability and security in northern Europe. It requires a broad and responsible foreign and security policy, combined with deepened defence and security policy cooperation and credible national defence capabilities.

Fundamental to our security policy principles is that we build security together with others – bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally in such forums as the EU, the OSCE and the UN, and through our partnership with NATO.

Under the inquiry's terms of reference, one of the aims was to describe a broad approach to security and contribute to deeper discussion in Sweden on these issues. This is important and I welcome the increased interest in our security policy challenges and considerations that this report can contribute to.

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