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Legal document from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Summary of Security in a new era - Report by the Inquiry on Sweden’s International Defence and Security Cooperation, SOU 2016:57 SOU 2016:57


On 20 August 2015, the Government appointed an Inquiry tasked with analysing Sweden’s current and future defence and security cooperation with other countries and organisations.


The Inquiry specifically addressed Nordic, Nordic–Baltic and bilateral Swedish–Finnish cooperation, and the transatlantic link, the UN, the EU, the OSCE and NATO.

Consideration of Sweden's military non-alignment was not part of the Inquiry's mandate.

Under its terms of reference, the Inquiry aims to contribute to a deeper national discussion about these issues.

Today's security threats are not only of a military nature. They may stem from such diverse phenomena as climate change and terrorism. However, the Inquiry has not considered it possible to analyse the full range of issues that may affect a state's security. The mandate originates from parliamentary deliberations leading to the 2015 Defence Resolution, and the Inquiry's main focus is therefore Sweden's defence and security cooperation.