About the Representation


The Representation is the Government Offices' extended arm in Brussels. The main task is to maximize the impact of Swedish interests in the EU. The 120 employees makes it the largest Swedish mission abroad. Officials from all Ministries serve at the Representation.

The primary task of the Representation is to negotiate EU-policy. The staff takes part in daily negotiations of the European Council of Ministers' Working Groups and of the Permanent Representatives' Committee that prepares ministerial meetings and summits between the leaders of the EU member states. During the Slovak Chairmanship of the second half of 2017, 38 ministerial meetings of the various configurations and two summits are planned.

The Representation is the Swedish government's daily link of contact to the EU institutions. Analyzes and assessments of the Representation are important contributions to the policymaking of the Government on EU-related matters.

Reaching out to the public about Sweden's work in the EU is a priority. The Representation welcomes visting groups on various levels, from schools to experts and elected representatives. Every year the Representation receives about 150 Swedish visitor groups, or a total of 3 500 people.

The representation also organizes seminars on current EU-affairs.

Sweden's Permanent Representation to the EU is located at the Square de Meeûs in Brussels city center, within walking distance to the European institutions.