Emails to the Government and ministries

Any viewpoints, suggestions or questions about the Government’s policies may be sent to the ministers or ministries via the senior registry clerk of the relevant ministry. Please do not enclose any attachments.

How electronic mail is dealt with

Incoming emails to ministers are received and registered by the senior registry clerk at the relevant ministry.

Every day, the ministers receive a large number of emails containing viewpoints and questions. These are dealt with in various ways depending on the issues raised, the ministry they were sent to and the wishes of the individual minister. All emails are read but, owing to a lack of time, it is impossible to answer all of them or, for example, to assist students with research or fact-finding.

Official documents

In principle, all items of mail to the Government and Government Offices are official documents. This means that the general public and mass media are entitled to require access to the contents.

Email addresses at the Government Offices

The easiest way to contact the Government Offices is via the email links to the senior registry clerks and press secretaries from the list on the Contacts page.

If the person you wish to contact is not listed, the email address is as follows:

In addition, everyone can receive emails using the new English email address: For the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the missions abroad, is the primary address.

Government agencies' responsibility for information and ministries' areas of responsibility

The ministries answer questions about the Government's policies. Each ministry is responsible for a number of government agencies. These are listed under the heading 'Agencies' under each ministry; see 'Government and ministries'. The agencies are responsible for information about ongoing activities in their respective areas of responsibility.

Government Offices Communications Department

General enquiries about the Government and the Government Offices can be addressed to the Government Offices Communications Department. General questions about this website can be addressed to the webmasters at the Government Offices Communications Department, tel: +46 8 405 10 00.

Contact Information

You can take direct contact with the senior registry clerk at a specific ministry to ask about documents or visit the Government Offices research room to conduct your own search of the Government Offices registers. You can also access an official document by using the form Ta del av allmän handling (Access official documents).