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Access to official documents


If you are interested in gaining access to an official document at the Government Offices, you can take direct contact with the senior registry clerk at the relevant ministry or visit the Government Offices research room.

How to access official documents kept by the Government Offices

The principle of public access to official documents gives the public the right to access official documents that are kept at the Government Offices, except for those parts that are subject to secrecy provisions.

More about the principle of public access to official documents

You can take direct contact with the senior registry clerk at a specific ministry to ask about documents or visit the Government Offices research room to conduct your own search of the Government Offices registers.

Emails to the Government and the ministries

Material already published

Before contacting the Government Offices, you should check whether the material you are interested in has already been published on or in our collection of referrals for consultation (and in some cases also consultation responses).

Referrals for consultation

It may be quicker to access many of the Riksdag's documents directly from the Riksdag website, where they are also often published. There is a tool on the Swedish National Financial Management Authority website (Statsliggaren) in which copies of the appropriation directions decided by the Government are published (in Swedish).

Older documents are regularly moved to the National Archives. If you wish access to these, please contact the National Archives. More detailed information as to which documents are kept by the Government Offices can be obtained from the Government Offices archives.

Right to anonymity

When you ask to be given access to an official document, you do not need to reveal your name or the reason for your request. The Government Offices may only inquire after a name or purpose if this is necessary in examining whether or not the document can be released. However, you should be aware that electronic contact with the Government Offices may leave traces in our electronic system and that these traces themselves may be official documents.

If you wish to remain anonymous when requesting documents, we recommend that you visit the Government Offices Archive Support and research room in person. You can also contact the Government Offices by telephone or via our form for accessing official documents without providing your name.