Rural affairs

The land and water-based or green industries are important primary industries. They account for a significant share of land use in rural areas and have a unique role in the management of the landscape’s natural and cultural values. This provides conditions for conducting other forms of business activities in rural areas, such as activities related to experiences and recreation. The policy area also includes issues relating to livestock, fisheries, hunting and game management, agriculture, forestry and food.

Responsible for rural affairs

Responsible minister

Sven-Erik Bucht
Sven-Erik Bucht Minister for Rural Affairs

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News about rural affairs

  • The agricultural sector and the drought

    The extreme drought of recent months has had an impact on the Swedish agricultural sector. The Government has presented a national crisis package valued at more than SEK 1.2 billion, primarily to cover the fodder shortage and other loss of income that farmers are experiencing due to the drought. The Government and government agencies have also made it possible for farmers to receive some regulatory relief in this difficult situation.

  • A long-term food strategy for Sweden

    Sven-Erik Bucht on stage at a press conference
    The Government submitted the bill ‘A national food strategy for Sweden – more jobs and sustainable growth throughout the country’ to the Swedish Parliament on 30 January 2017. The submission was preceded by long negotiations between the Government, the Moderate Party, the Centre Party, the Left Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats on the strategy’s objectives, which will form the basis of food policy up to 2030. The Swedish parliament will now process the bill and the process is expected to be complete in June 2017. Photo: Elima Mwinyipembe/Government Offices.

    Swedish food creates jobs, sustainable growth and values for society as a whole. In addition to meeting the demand for food, we gain open landscapes and lively rural communities. The national food strategy will help strengthen competitiveness and to ensure the potential of Swedish food production is fully realised to the benefit of actors and stakeholders throughout the entire food supply chain – from primary production all the way to the consumer.

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