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Sweden to host a youth perspective conference in the Barents region


On 12 June, young people from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia will meet in Luleå together with national and regional representatives and experts in the framework of the Swedish Chairmanship of the Barents Euro Arctic Council to discuss concrete and forward-looking proposals to increase youth engagement and influence in the Barents region.

Place: Quality Hotel, Storgatan 17, Luleå, Sweden

The youth perspective has a central place during the Swedish chairmanship 2017–2019. In the chairmanship programme it is stressed that investing in youth engagement and participation is a key to sustainable societal development.

The final proposals in the form of recommendations will be presented at the Barents Foreign Ministers meeting in October, which also marks the end of the Swedish national chairmanship.

At the meeting focus will also be given to the newly finalised report-book #BarentsBeingYoungHere, based on interviews with young people about living conditions and opportunities in the Barents region.

Media is welcome to attend.

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